Ontario Grocery Rebate  – Apply Online & Know Who Is Eligible For Rebate?

After the announcement of Budget 2023, to take care of the people residing in Ontario, Canada with the financial crisis and help them deal with the rising grocery price, the Canadian government released the Ontario Grocery Rebate on 5th of July, 2023 as a part of federal budget 2023 in Canada. Canada Grocery Rebate was also introduced to control the rising expense of living a satisfactory life in which the families with low income are helped financially. You can check Ontario Grocery Rebate Eligibility in this post which will be helpful for you. Moreover, applicants can also follow the steps below to Apply Online Canada Grocery Rebate.

Grocery Rebates for the month of February 2024 will be given in the month of January 2024.

Ontario Grocery Rebate  - Apply Online & Know Who Is Eligible For Rebate?

Ontario Grocery Rebate 

The payment is done on the grounds of family net income back in 2021 and the family situation in January 2023 as the Grocery Rebate paid in July, 2023 would be double the amount of the families GST/HST credit in January 2023. It is also based on the number of family members i.e. how many childrens are present and members include singles or couples. You should keep a check on the official website for latest updates regarding the Ontario Grocery Rebate.

Number of ChildrenCanada Grocery Rebate Payment (Singles)Canada Grocery Rebate Payment (Couples)

If you could see the table, only the payment differs between singles and couples when no children are present in the family, and in other cases the payment remains constant.

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Canada Grocery Rebate Eligibility Criteria

To receive the financial aid from the Canadian government through Grocery Rebate one must stand eligible in some Canada Grocery Rebate : Eligibility Criteria imposed by the government which are:

  • You must be 19 or above in age to receive the payment.
  • If you are under 19, you should have or had a spouse with whom you are or were living in the past. 
  • You should have to file a tax return for 2021 even if you don’t earn.
  • You should also be eligible to receive the GST/HST for January 2024 as the payment is done on the basis of this.
  • Your family income should not be more than $38,000. The ideal net worth to be eligible for the Canada Grocery Rebate is $32,000.
  • Latest Updates related to the Canada Grocery Rebate will be available on the official website.

Not Eligible Category for Canada Grocery Rebate 

After the eligibility criteria, the next important things are the conditions imposed which reject your profile to be paid through the Canada Grocery Rebate by the Canadian Government which are:

  • If you are not a Canadian resident.
  • If you have been in jail or likewise institution for at least 90 days.
  • If you are an officer or servant of any other country or family member or employee of that person you are not allowed to pay taxes.
  • If the recipient who was entitled to pay tax and receive the Grocery Rebate amount is no more.

How To Apply Online Canada Grocery Rebate?

For the Ontario Grocery Rebate the citizens of Canada are not required to Apply Online Canada Grocery Rebate or fill in any application form as who are eligible will be paid by directly depositing in the CRA account through which they are paying tax or by receiving cheque in bank offline. To check the confirmation of the payment you can login to their Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) account.

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Canada Grocery Rebate Payment

For all the eligible masses, the Canada Grocery Rebate Payment was paid on 5th of July, 2023. Once you have filed the tax, all the taxpayers are supervisioned by the Canadian Revenue agency and declared eligible. Then the payment is directly credited to the CRA account. You can check the transaction by logging into the account. If you don’t receive Canada Grocery Rebate Payment, wait for 10 business days and then you can take help from CRA customer service. 

Benefit of Ontario Grocery Rebate Money

After you receive the payment, brainstorming to use the money is of utmost importance. Some of those ideas are as follow:

  • Make long-term savings to boost your finances.
  • Deciding the meal,planning the groceries should be a priority as it not only saves money but also prevents food from getting wasted.
  • Search for shops with sales and buy groceries by using coupons as it reduces the total expense behind food. 
  • To get the groceries at a cheap rate it’s better to buy in bulk.
  • Start budgeting, food planning and sales shopping so that all the money is not used in food and portion of it can be saved. 

Now the Canadian citizens are waiting for the Ontario Grocery Rebate 2024 so that many families can receive financial help who are not earning enough to afford the cumulatively increasing price of food and living. 

Common Answers on Canada Grocery Rebate

What is the Ontario Grocery Rebate Eligibility?

$32000 should be the ideal net worth of the person as per Ontario Grocery Rebate Eligibility.

On which date was the Grocery Rebate distributed?

This program was started on 5th July, 2023.

What is the age criteria for eligibility?

19 years or above. If he/she is of age less than 19 years, the spouse should be present irrespective of whether they live together or not.

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