Safest Country In the World 2024 – Know About Global Peace Index, India Rank

As we all know, Institute of Economics & Peace conducts the survey and then publishes the Global Peace Index 2024. As per the survey done in previous year, we have presented the chart and analysis below for Safest Country In The World 2024 which will be helpful for you. Apart from this, we have also mentioned the India Rank in Global Peace Index 2024. Also check, Top 10 Safest Countries in World 2024 to plan your upcoming journeys.

Safest Country In the World 2024, Global Peace Index, India Rank

Safest Country In The World 2024

Iceland maintains its position as the Safest Country In The World 2024 for an amazing 15th consecutive years, as determined in 17th Edition of Global Peace Index 2024 with a score of 1.124 against other countries. Iceland has 340,000 residents, but social unity, good living standards, and a friendly society contribute to the country’s safety. Iceland has an unmatched reputation for security because of its lack of armed forces, unarmed police, and progressive laws that support equality.

Global Peace Index 2024

The 2024 Global Peace Index published by the Institute for Economics and Peace which is an independent, global think tank committed to changing the global agenda to include peace as a realistic, attainable, and positive indicator of human progress and well-being. Its offices are located in Mexico City, Sydney, Brussels, New York, The Hague, and Harare. It provides a comprehensive ranking of the world’s most peaceful countries. This paper provides a thorough, data-driven analysis of peace trends, the importance of peace to the economy, and tactics for promoting peaceful communities. The GPI, which covers 99.7% of the world’s population, uses 23 indicators from reliable sources to evaluate peace in three important areas:

  • Security and safety in society
  • Ongoing hostilities both domestically and internationally
  • Levels of militarization

 The 17th edition of the Global Peace Index (GPI), the most generally used measure of peace, shows that average global peace has decreased for the ninth consecutive year. There were gains in 84 countries and decreases in 79. This demonstrates that the losses outweigh the positives since there have been large post-COVID rises in political turmoil and civil disturbance, and local, national, and worldwide conflicts are becoming more intense.

If you are planning your journey in any of these countries then you should check Top 10 Safest Countries table below and plan your journey accordingly.

Stimulus Check Status Safest Country Rankings 2024

Research ReportGlobal Peace Index 2024
Published byInstitute for Economics and Peace
Edition17th Edition
Date 29th June, 2023
Which consecutive year15th Year

Safest Country Rankings 2024

A composite score that weighs 23 quantitative and qualitative factors, each with a weight between 1 and 5, to assess the degree of peace in different countries. A country’s score decreases with increasing peace.

Top 10 Safest Country in World 2024

Country RankTop 10 Safest Country in World 2024GPI Score
4New Zealand1.313

Top 20 Safest Country in World 2024

Country RankTop 20 Safest Country in World 2024GPI Score

Top 30 Safest Country in World 2024

Country RankTop 30 Safest Country in World 2024GPI Score

2024 Global Peace Index : Key Points

The following section discusses the 2024 Global Peace Index.

  • Globally, the death impact from conflicts increased by 96% to 238,000.
  • Ethiopia now has more conflict deaths than Ukraine, surpassing the previous global high set during the Syrian War, according to recent data.
  • In 79 countries, there was an increase in conflict, including Ethiopia, Burma, Ukraine, Israel, and South Africa.
  • The cost of violence to the global economy increased by 17%, or $1 trillion, to $17.5 trillion in 2022, or 13% of GDP.
  • A Chinese prohibition of Taiwan would cause the global economy to contract by $2.7 trillion, nearly twice as much as the 2008 financial crisis.
  • In spite of the conflict in Ukraine, 110 countries decreased their military personnel while 92 raised their military budgets.
  • The number of nations involved in external wars has increased from 58 in 2008 to 91 now, indicating a growing globalization of hostilities.

India Rank in Global Peace Index 2024

Out of 163 countries, India Rank in Global Peace Index 2024 is 126th in the world by the Global Peace Index. India received a lower overall rating of 2.31 than the 2.314 global average. Even while the nation still struggles to attain high levels of peace, this offers a chance for progress. India’s overall level of peace rose by 3.5% over the previous year as a result of decreased violent crime, improved neighbor relations, and instability in politics. 

  • The political instability indicator in India improved as geopolitical tensions with China decreased as a result of fewer border incidents and a general fall in civil disruption.
  • However, it comes in far behind its neighbors, like Bangladesh (88), Bhutan (17), the Maldives (23), Nepal (79), China (80), and Sri Lanka (107).
  • Pakistan and Myanmar, which are placed 146th and 139th, respectively, have fallen behind India.
  • Afghanistan is still the nation with the least amount of peace on Earth, surpassed by all other countries.

FAQs On Safest Country In The World 2024

When was the Global Peace Index 2024 published?

The Global Peace Index 2024 published by 29th June, 2024.

Which institute publishes all the reports of the Global Peace index?

The institute which publishes all the reports of the Global Peace index is Institute for Economics and Peace.

What is India’s rank and score according to the Safest Country In The World 2024?

India is 126 in rank with a score 2.314 according to the Global Peace Index 2024. 

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